Our Mission

We are a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to honoring the Past, elevating the Present, and
transforming the Future through Cultural Diplomacy between the
United States and Greece.

Our Vision

Building bridges between the United States and Greece on the foundation of rich
cultural and intellectual exchanges to promote greater friendship and understanding
among the people of both nations.


All Members
Deege Lester
Deegee Lester
Jim Hoobler
Jim Hoobler
Vice President
Dr Tim Winters
Dr. Tim Winters
Director of Academics
Jan Zanetis
Jan Zanetis
Director of Innovation
Ryan Love
Ryan Love
Director of Communication 

& Finance


Appointed to these honored positions, Ambassadors are widely respected cultural leaders from the community who are representatives of the organization in fulfilling the Mission Statement.
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Advisory Councils

Central to the "shared vision" at the heart of Cultural Diplomacy, the Advisory Councils will initiate and develop critical peer connections with Greece, leading to vibrant collaborations and significant exchanges of Cultural and Academic programming and events. The following councils have been created: Academic, Scientific, Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Film & Photography, Museums.
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Deegee Lester

A Message From Our President

As President of HICD-USA headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, I join the Athens-based Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy and our Founder and President Peter Dennis Kapsaskis in extending a warm welcome to each of you across America and in Greece, and to invite you to join us in this rich cultural exchange.

Cultural Diplomacy can be a calming embrace of the various and beautiful art forms of another culture; the discovery and awakening to unfamiliar history or new perspective; or a bold and robust intellectual exchange. Each interaction offers possibilities for greater understanding and collaborations for mutual benefit. The special relationship between Greece and America is historically unique as the Home of democracy and the always evolving Promise of democracy; the symbolic parent and child who instinctively share a mysterious bond. And it is upon that bond that we weave, here, new threads of collaboration and a special gifting to one another of our rich cultures.

It is befitting that Nashville, closing in upon its 2024 Bicentennial as the "Athens of the South," and home (since 1897) of the world's only full-scale replica of the Parthenon, was designated as the American headquarters for this dynamic cultural exchange. We look forward to bringing into the US branch of the expanding 15-nation Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy the vibrancy of affiliate cities across America.

Let us build together in new and transformative ways!

DeeGee Lester
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