Art Advisory Councils

Over 2500 years ago, the Greeks established the standards for aesthetics in Art and Architecture. There is no limit to the opportunities of HICD to reflect upon that impact on American artistic standards, to unite with artists across Greece in celebrating that rich tradition, and to engage audiences of both countries with innovative and rising artists.
The rich Greek arts heritage, particularly in the areas of architecture and sculpture, invite opportunities for a deeper exploration and broad area of emphasis for HICD. One such area of focus will be the construction of the full-scale Parthenon in Nashville, which celebrates it's 125th anniversary in 2022, and the construction, by sculptor Alan LeQuire (pictured here) of the 42-ft statue of Athena.


Cultural Diplomacy encourages the vibrant exchange of works from the past, as well as the discovery of new masters and imaginative methods.

John Woodrow Kelley

John Woodrow Kelley conveys the timelessness of Greek myth as the embodiment of the human experience in Greek Mythology Now, injecting life to familiar narratives and inspiring anew the desire to explore the stories of Narcissus, Mercury, or Perseus & Pegasus.

Kristin Llamas

Kristin Llamas explores moral lessons with abstract art inspired by the familiar fables of Aesop ("The Fox and the Grapes); and invites active audience engagement in her Socratic Dialogue series, probing questions such as "What in Beauty?" and " What is Courage?"
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