Members of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy share a special passion for Greek culture. That unique bond was, for many, forged as children falling in love with mythology. For others, it was an appreciation for the aesthetic beauty of classical art and architecture; or perhaps a fascination that the roots and grammar of so many diverse areas of knowledge- right down to democracy itself- found their origins in the inquisitive minds of the Greeks. To Philhellenes everywhere, whatever has drawn you to the Greeks, HICD is your Greek Cultural connection. Please consider becoming a member and discover opportunities for a deeper and more rewarding cultural dive.

Your Participation Options

Members are the lifeblood of any organization. The dedication of members to our creative and collaborative mission  assures standards of excellence in cultural programming between HICD-USA and Greece. We invite you to explore our four membership levels and benefits.



Advanced invitations to HICD lectures/academic events.
Members-only quarterly newsletter (with email).
Academic calendar for Nashville-area lectures symposiums.
Annual opportunities for upperclassmen and graduate student academic paper presentations.



Members only Quarterly Newsletter (with email).
Register with areas of interest for unique event opportunities.
Members only (periodic) opportunities for cooking classes, wine tastings, film viewings, etc.
Group booking discounts and block HICD-member seating for cultural events where possible.



Periodic HICD pre-event small receptions for performances, etc.
Level 2 priority booking for "An Evening With..." (special on-line or in-person chats and mini performances with top Greek artists, musicians, and performers.).
Level 2 priority booking for specialized/themed HICD trips to Greece. (weeks 3-4 of the booking period).



+ Silver Membership benefits
Level 1 priority booking for "An Evening With... "
HICD pre-event limited private receptions or dinners with dignitaries.
Level 1 priority booking for specialized/themed trips to Greece (weeks 1 and 2 of the booking period).
  • For Bronze, Silver, and Gold membership levels, the paid member is allowed to bring ONE FREE GUEST to any specially -designated HICD-USA-sponsored program.
  • Beginning 2022, HICD will announce and offer trips packages (not counting airfare) to Greece each year at membership levels 1 and 2 for booking priority (see member benefits for gold and silver) before opening the trip packages to others.
  • No person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, religion, or sex shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination of services and programs provided by HICD-USA.


Promote your brand to our audience with a unique opportunity to expand and internationalize your reach, while embracing the rich cultural heritage and vibrant modern cultural urgency of a new generation of Greeks. We work with businesses and corporations to customize sponsorships to areas of cultural interest while elevating and promoting their brand at home and abroad. Nashville-area businesses, in particular, will enjoy a special pride in sponsorship as we near the 2024 Bicentennial of "The Athens of the South" with brand recognition on event promotional materials/advertising, and in our website and annual report.


As a nonprofit, HICD-USA provides free community programming in the mutual sharing of cultures and the strengthening of bonds of friendship with Greece. We could only achieve this mission through the generosity of supporters.

Unrestricted Donations

Unrestricted Donations can be used to support our ongoing community programming throughout the year.

Restricted Donations

Restricted Donations can be used to support a specific collaborative program, or designated toward the efforts of a specific Advisory Council.

Mail Donations

Support us by sending donations to our mail address:
1605 Hillmeade Drive Nashville, TN 37221

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