Science Advisory Councils

Whether online or in-person, HICD followers will be able to access Scientific lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and timely book reviews and, on occasion, meet leading authorities such as Dr Xenophon Moussas. Discoveries between the Arts and STEM (Science. Technology, Engineering, and Math) will also be actively pursued and presented.
On June 4th, 2021 HICD-USA joined our board member Kecia Ray of K20Connect and other collaborative community partners in celebrating the opening of the Antikythera Mechanism exhibit at the Parthenon (through September 26th). What began as our visionary conversation with Dr Xenophon Moussas two years ago has become reality! Now, Nashville and our visitors can explore the story and wonder of the 2,000 year old analog computer and see a full reproduction! Throughout the exhibition, the HICD Science Advisory Council will sponsor additional events in the community, culminating in the visit by Dr Moussas later in the summer. Watch here and in the HICDUSA Facebook page for details.
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