Dance Advisory Councils

The natural tendency, evidenced almost from birth, is to Dance. Even when there is no sound, there can be the expressive movement of Dance. Led by Meg Brooker (Duncan Dance South), the Dance Advisory Council was making connections and abuzz with collaborative ideas before HICD had even filled its board positions and officially launched. Through performance and workshops, the HICD Dance Council will be a dynamic wing of the organization and a beautiful bridge with Greece.
HICD is fortunate to have a very active, dynamic, resourceful, and talented Dance council that has already established strong ties with Greece. HICD Dance will be strengthening US - Greek collaborations across dance styles, and is planning beautiful events for 2022.
As part of HICD-USA's 3-night virtual "Illumination 1821-2021" honoring the Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence, Meg Brooker, chair of the HICD-USA Dance Advisory Council and Director of Duncan Dance South performed "Dance of Freedom" accompanied by rare film footage of the 1914 "Dance of Freedom."
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