Deege Lester

Stacy Widelitz

Stacy Widelitz started composing professionally at nineteen, but came to prominence with the song "She's Like the Wind," co-written with Patrick Swayze and featured in Swayze's blockbuster Dirty Dancing. Featured on the movie's wildly successful soundtrack, it reached no. 3 on Billboard's top-40 chart (no. 1 among adult-contemporary radio listeners). He has scored features, more than twenty made-for-TV movies, written the end-title song for Disney’s Pocahontas II, and was nominated for an Emmy for ABC's World of Discovery. Stacy also wrote the title song and scored all the episodes of ABC's acclaimed animated series Cro, and scored and composed much of the dance music for the film One Last Dance, which garnered him a Best Music Award at the 2004 Nashville Film Festival. He subsequently joined the board of directors of the festival, serving as board president from 2007 – 2009. Stacy served as president of the board of Grammy-nominated ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, and he is the past president of the boards of Nashville Opera and Leadership Music. He is currently president of Nashville Opera Guild. Stacy is a 2018 graduate of Leadership Nashville, and served four years as a Commissioner in the City of Oak Hill.

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